IFS Logistics

Why is the IFS certificate so important?

It has become a very valuable endorsement both for the logistics companies that have it and for the companies that hire their services. IFS stands for “International Featured Standards” and it was created with the aim of standardising and certifying the quality of goods transportation, logistics, warehousing and processing services worldwide.

Customer satisfaction is a priority in any business relationship. A customer who is happy and satisfied with the work performed is more likely to return in the future, increasing their loyalty and perhaps even turning them into an endorser of your own brand.

The IFS Logistics certificate guarantees a number of variables in the transportation and logistics sector, such as transparency throughout the supply chain, reduced costs and lead times, as well as greater security for the goods. These aspects contribute to the customer’s satisfaction with the service provided.


IFS Logistics is synonymous with excellence and quality.

Having the IFS certificate is a competitive advantage for the company and it has been obtained through approved and independent auditing bodies.

It improves the reputation of a company that obtains it through increasing trust in that company and its ability to make more productive and profitable use of the means of transport used.

And above all, the IFS certificate is particularly important in relation to the transportation of perishable goods, which must be kept in the best possible storage conditions at all times and be handled with special care.

MARTICO is IFS Logistics certified, which guarantees the storage, transportation, distribution, loading and unloading of products following the highest logistical quality standards.

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