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We are a company specialising in international transportation that has built its reputation over 50 years, planning, shipping and delivering a wide range of products for its customers on time and at very competitive prices.

MARTICO is an independent company not tied to any shipping line or transportation company. We use both in-house and external resources, enabling us to offer a range of flexible multi-modal services to meet your transportation and supply needs.

We have in-depth knowledge of the freight forwarding and supply industry, and the key contacts to operate most efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively in every stage of the process.


Martico’s original activity was focused on maritime transportation and, in particular, on its regular liner service, but over the years we have successfully adapted to the changes the market has imposed on us and we are now a logistics provider in all its aspects, including road, rail and air transportation, the warehousing and distribution of all types of goods, meeting any needs that may arise from the relationship with each customer. Maintaining them over time is our challenge, we employ and train responsible people you can trust who have an in-depth knowledge of the sector.

We are an independent, family-run business and we are proud of our reputation: a company you can trust to take care of your business needs.

Martico SL was founded in Bilbao in 1973 by Pieter Abraham Monsma and, from the very first moment, our founder decided that quality of service had to be our flagship, something we have scrupulously maintained over the years.


At MARTICO, we are aware that the transportation sector is a market that requires constant evolution and modernisation in order to continue offering our customers a service providing the highest level of satisfaction.

That is why during our 50 years in business, we have constantly kept up-to-date and adapted to the new needs arising in our sector, undertaking the extensive modernisation and digitalisation of our procedures.

One example of this is the restyling of our brand and corporate identity with an updated, more modern logo and a new, cleaner and more intuitive line of communication.

Moreover, this modernisation of MARTICO has also reached our warehousing service, with the addition of new warehouses equipped with the most modern technology for the control and stocking of goods. At the same time, we have also expanded and improved our planning and customer service with new offices in Barcelona, equipped with the latest management and scheduling systems.

At MARTICO, we are updating ourselves for you and your company.


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