Road transportation

The quick, efficient and flexible solution

At MARTICO, we offer an adaptable and immediate road service, which is very useful for dangerous goods or those goods requiring a controlled temperature.

We have the technical and human resources to help you plan the best route for your interests. Whatever the point of origin and destination of your shipment, nationally or internationally, we ensure an optimal road transportation service, in an efficient and safe way for your goods, and at the best price for your company. Thanks to our extensive network of forwarders and partners, we have the necessary contacts to complete the transportation by the desired deadline and to keep the customer informed of all steps being taken at all times.

Road transportation is very flexible, as it can be easily adapted to specific transportation needs and the route can be determined in a very short time. At MARTICO, we provide road transportation solutions for all types of goods. Depending on the cargo to be transported, we charter the necessary vehicles, such as container lorries, refrigerated lorries or tankers.

Immediate transportation

“Door-to-door” service

100% adaptable

We help you create the best route for your company.

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