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MARTICO’s journey in the freight distribution sector began in 1973 with the management of maritime services. Which is why this business feels like the soul of the company and every day feels like the first.

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MARTICO routes with Tailwind Shipping Lines

The shipping agency TAILWIND SHIPPING LINES is one of MARTICO’s leading shipping partners. As a result of this partnership, we can offer excellent, safe, reliable and very profitable routes such as the PANDA SERVICE and TIGER SERVICE.

Grupo 1642 1

Panda Service: Qingdao/ Shanghái/Ningbo/Shenzhen – Barcelona

IMPORT to Barcelona
EXPORT from Barcelona
Grupo 1646


Everything ready for a port stopover.

As maritime and shipping agent, we are responsible for all the port operations and all the services required by each ship and its crew. We manage and perform all land phases of a port stopover and the trade and administrative documentation of the goods being brought in and taken out.
Thanks to our excellent team of agents, we can streamline all the procedures with the authorities and terminals.

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