We invite you to take a tour through MARTICO’s 50 years

Now a leading logistics company, MARTICO boasts a 50-year trajectory that stands out in innovation, hard work and commitment. Join us on this tour of the Group’s fascinating history!

Without a doubt, the occasion of MARTICO’s 50th Anniversary provides a fitting opportunity to look back and remember where we have come from, highlighting the most significant stages of the company’s progression to become a dedicated force in the transport and logistics industry.

MARTICO’s origins in the logistics and distribution sector.

MARTICO started out in the global shipping business, mainly offering regular line services.

1973 – Foundation of the company with the principal activity of regular shipping agent.

1973 – Appointed general agents in Spain for Jumbo Shipping, at that time the most important Heavy Lift Carrier in the world.

Jumbo 1Jumbo 2


1974 – 1979 – New agencies for regular lines to Canada, and further routes to Scandinavia, Germany, Red Sea and Far East, USA, Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon. With CAST EUROPE NV; Spliethoff; DSR – Rostock; Ben Ocean Line; Blue Funnel Line; Italia Line; Nordana Line; Prodromos Lines of Piraeus.

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The 1980s see MARTICO consolidate its position as a major shipping agent.

The decade is marked by burgeoning commercial activity. Proof of this are the major agreements signed for some of the most important shipping lines and routes in freight traffic.

1980 – The company whose owner invented the shipping container, United States Lines, chooses us as their representatives, with services Europe–USA. Also in 1980, Contemaris from Bremen hires our services for its Bilbao–Casablanca route.

1986 – We are appointed agents for United Atlantica Line, a Marfret Group company with containerized services to Canada.

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1988 – African Ro-Ro Ltd. (OT Africa Line), serving West Africa, joins the companies we represent.


MARTICO expands its business with new services and routes.

The company gains more and more experience in the sector and, in turn, ever more trust from the best maritime businesses and cargo distributors.

1990 – We decide to diversify our activities, beginning operations as a Freight Forwarder.

1990-1997 – Our expansion takes us to more parts of the world as line agents: Pegasus Line from Gibraltar to Morocco; Tecomar, S.A., serving Mexico; Eurogulf from Houston; WEC Lines; Yemen Gulf; Europe West Indies Line from Rotterdam to the Caribbean; Tarron Sea Line from Klaipeda to the Baltic States.

tecomar usado ewl usado


MARTICO forges major partnerships as a forwarder, acquiring new routes and ports.

1998 – MARTICO begins a collaboration with Zen Continental in Hong Kong and later with Dolphin Logistic, also based in Hong Kong.

1998 – Seatrade Reefers decides to use the Port of Bilbao as a port of call for its service to South America and appoints us as its agents. Also in 1998, Holland Maas of Rotterdam chooses us for its Iberia Express Line service to Morocco.

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MARTICO fully consolidates and diversifies its business.

MARTICO’s diversification plan continues and becomes stronger over the years. During this period, the company makes major acquisitions, including new company facilities, and rolls out new logistics and distribution services.

2001 – We are appointed as agents for Northern Spain for the Kuwaiti company United Arab Shipping Co.

2003 – We expand our business and start our warehousing activity, opening our first warehouses, dedicated to sugar storage and distribution, in Bilbao.

Almacen azucar junto al almacen de azucar diversificacion


2005 – MARTICO inaugurates its Short Sea Shipping operations.

2008 – We extend our warehousing activity to Barcelona, opening a 7,500-m2 warehouse dedicated to food products.

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Now we come to a decade in which MARTICO adds a specialization in the storage and distribution of goods, increasing the capacity of our warehouses to 150,000 m2; with shipments mainly by road and sea that are growing in number and expanding into new territories, with more than 200,000 trips throughout Europe.

The global pandemic hits, but with the support and backing of our customers and suppliers we continue to grow.

2021 – Further growth means expanding our food warehouse capacity. We went from 15,000 m2 to 30,000 m2. At the end of that year we open another 50,000-m2 general cargo warehouse.

2022 – We are appointed as agents for TAILWIND SHIPPING LINE. MARTICO opens new offices in Barcelona. We also open another 40,000-m2 general cargo warehouse. As a result of our growth in the warehousing business, and in order to operate in central Spain, MARTICO opens a 42,000-m2 warehouse in Alovera. With all these new developments, we almost double our capacity to reach a total of 280,000 m2 of storage in two years. This same impact and effort can be seen in our transport work, with hundreds of thousands of journeys in just two years.

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Now we reach the year 2023, in which MARTICO’s activity is very strong in all the services we offer, coinciding with the celebration of the Group’s 50th Anniversary. We hope to count on you during the phases of our history yet to come.

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