We climb aboard two MARTICO trade routes.

One of the major destinations for the transportation of goods and one with the greatest international traffic is undoubtedly the Asian continent. In this article, we focus on two routes operated by MARTICO: one to Shanghai (China) and the other to Chittagong (Bangladesh).

Experience always counts, but it is even more important when it comes to handling goods around the world, through different companies, contact people, ports and international customs. This is something that the trade shipping routes operated by MARTICO offer.

These two routes presented here are the result of a great deal of negotiation that has led to an important collaboration agreement with the shipping company Tailwind Shipping Lines, offering two services: Panda Service and Tiger Service.


– BCN-SHANGHAI Express Service
– Export Departures every 2 weeks: Shanghai/Ningbo/Shenzhen
– Transit to Shanghai: 30 Days, Ningbo: 33, Shenzhen: 36
– Cargo in 20’, 40’ Containers


– Barcelona/Chittagong Express Service
– Export departures every 18 days
– Transit to Chittagong: 20 days
– 45’ pallet wide containers


What advantages are offered by a trade route?

The first advantage of using a trade route is the improvement in planning. These routes have departure and arrival days, which are repeated throughout the year, allowing the customer to better organise the delivery and collection of their goods since they know how long the journey will take.

Furthermore, on a trade route, the journeys are safer, both for navigation and for the processing and control of the goods. Times are also optimised, making the project more profitable.

Finally, port and customs procedures are simpler as they are the same each time so the paperwork is simplified.

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