We analyse the key features of the MARTICO Freight Forwarding Department

This department is responsible for guiding and advising companies interested in moving goods nationally or internationally. This department is responsible for guiding and advising companies interested in moving goods, for import or export, by sea, air or land.

Whether the customer has any prior experience in moving goods or not is irrelevant. The MARTICO Freight Forwarding Department is ready and willing to answer all kinds of questions and offer any explanations customers need.

The staff working in this department have extensive experience in the sector and have been working as shipping agents for many years, which allows them to focus each shipment and each load better, considering this from the perspective of the customer and that of the shipping or transport company. In addition, this experience means that it can find the right solutions if any unexpected incidents arise.


MARTICO’s great versatility for all types of goods.

Over the years, MARTICO has handled a wide variety of different goods: machinery, peat, lead, wallpaper, wood, chemicals, both hazardous and non-hazardous; refrigerated goods such as fruit and vegetables; frozen goods such as vegetables, seafood and ice; and many more. This experience allows us to offer a wide range of options.

For those goods requiring special attention, such as refrigerated or frozen ones, the greatest possible monitoring of the cold chains is carried out, ensuring that the temperature is correct at all times and the goods reach their destination in perfect condition.

However, not all refrigerated or frozen products need to be handled in the same way. For example, some types of fruit, such as lemons, can withstand longer journeys which makes them easier to export, while others like strawberries are more sensitive.

In addition, hazardous goods that come with more restrictions require quick work and complete safety because nothing can be allowed to go wrong. There are other hazardous products that have greater flexibility in their handling and distribution.

The MARTICO Freight Forwarding Department knows exactly which type of lorry/container is the right one in each case. The type of product or the route that the customer wants to take does not matter, since this department is ready to provide them with advice on the best solution.


It helps customers expand their business.

However strange the customer’s proposal to expand their market may seem, such as sending ice to Finland, one of the coldest countries in Europe, MARTICO will make it happen in a competitive and highly satisfactory way.

Its goal is to grow together, to become involved with the customer, feel part of their team and give them the customised advice they need. This international sector for the movement of goods, which works across different time zones, requires us to always be available to our customers.

In addition, there are seasonal products that need more support in the key months, such as during the holiday season, at Christmas or in the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Whatever the time of year, there are always loads that need transporting.

Customers see freight forwarders as the people who know everything and therefore, they want them to provide advice on different aspects, such as the customs procedures involved, the documents that they need for their operations, the Incoterms that best suit them and the conditions when signing commercial agreements, with or without insuring the loads, etc.

When a customer has worked with MARTICO and understands how committed its forwarding department is, they feel confident in placing their goods in its hands and that the confidentiality of their business will be respected at all times. All that trust is earned mile by mile, project by project.

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