Oficina BCN Martico

Visiting the new MARTICO offices.

This is where the planning, supervision and customer service takes place for each international goods transportation project. Let us tell you about the new recently opened MARTICO offices.

The workplace should be a space that enhances and supports all of our daily working activities. At MARTICO, we follow this philosophy and our new office in Barcelona is a good example of this. It is a new space where our staff and equipment combine perfectly to work in the most efficient way.

The new facilities in Barcelona are located in Carrer de l’Artic, 122-124, in the Logistics Activity Zone next to the port of Barcelona. We also still have our original location in Bilbao, which has been operating for almost 50 years, with the office in Calle Berastegui, number 4.


A modern design for new connected offices.

The development and design of these new MARTICO offices has been carried out in collaboration with a prestigious studio specialising in interior design.

The result is a layout of spaces that maximises the work surface, optimises the entry of natural light, improves interactivity between employees and places special emphasis on teamwork and co-working rooms.

Technology and connectivity are also an essential part of goods logistics and distribution work nowadays. That is why these new offices are equipped with the most sophisticated and advanced communication and networking systems.

If you wish to contact MARTICO, you can do so through the following channels. We are at your disposal from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, to assist you in everything you need:

Tel.: (34) 94 435 48 60
Tel.: (34) 93 511 40 45
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