The next stage in MARTICO’s evolution has arrived to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The goods logistics and distribution sector is a constantly evolving world, which requires us to be constantly refreshing and updating to keep up to date with the solutions offered to customers and help position the company as a unique and attractive brand in the market. Taking advantage of its 50th anniversary celebration, MARTICO has modernised and updated its brand. More details here.

There can be no better reason to update your brand than MARTICO celebrating 50 years in the logistics and distribution market. We have analysed this restyling of the corporate identity MARTICO uses to present itself to the world. We see a more modern logo, with straight lines and with its initial “M” as the main protagonist.

Material corporativo de MARTICO Email MARTICO

“Total commitment, across oceans, across continents”.
More than a slogan, it is an attitude and also an aptitude.

This new slogan perfectly defines what MARTICO is all about. A company with the capacity and commitment needed to meet the needs of goods logistics and transportation all around the world, which has made it an integral partner that can provide all of its phases, from origin to destination.

Any company-customer wanting to move their products from one point on the planet to another must have the certainty and peace of mind that their goods will always be in the best hands. MARTICO´s experience in this sector guarantees this. Moreover, innovation and technology have been fully incorporated into the company, not only to monitor and manage the different phases of the process more efficiently, but also to keep the customer informed at all times.

If you want to find out a little more about this new modernised era of MARTICO, you will find all the necessary information on this website, where the 3 main services offered are explained: Logistics, Forwarding and Shipping.

Instalations Martico II Instalations Martico

We finish our analysis of MARTICO’s evolution by visiting its new facilities.

The updating of the MARTICO brand on its 50th anniversary has also covered the signage of the offices, warehouses, changing rooms, means of transport, stationery and company communications.

A great evolution for MARTICO, modernised and adapted to the new times, to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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