MARTICO launches its new Barcelona-China express route

This was the news in “Diario El Puerto”, the newspaper specialising in logistics and goods distribution. On 11 August, MARTICO’s first express maritime service from Shanghai arrived at the port of Barcelona.

Summer is a good opportunity to spend time catching up with the specialist press for our sector that we like so much and to read about the latest important news on logistics and goods distribution. And so, reading “Diario El Puerto”, we saw news of the arrival of the first ship serving the Barcelona-Shanghai Express Service, developed jointly by MARTICO and Tailwind Shipping Lines.

MARTICO’s journey in the international transport sector began in 1973 with the management of maritime services. Since then, it has gradually expanded throughout the world, and this new express service linking Barcelona with Southeast Asia is its latest offering. In fact, MARTICO has become the general agent in Spain for Tailwind Shipping Lines, the German shipping company based in Hamburg.

The emblematic moment of the arrival of the ship “MV Wiking” at the port was attended by senior management representatives from both Tailwind Shipping Line and MARTICO. It was the inauguration of the route that MARTICO has named the “Panda Service” and that will bring important benefits in terms of costs, time, security and planning for any customers wishing to take advantage of it. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this new MARTICO express service.


Details about the “Panda Service” route.

First of all, we should look at one of its greatest advantages, which is the very competitive travel time that ranges between 30 and 36 days depending on the destination port for the trip. In fact, MARTICO’s Panda Service offers an express service between Barcelona and Shanghai with departures every two weeks and a transit time of only 30 days. Ningbo port takes 33 days to reach and Shenzhen port takes 36 days.

This new service has been launched with four ships which will stop in Barcelona every two weeks. The most important details are below.



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  • BCN-SHANGHAI Express Service
  • Export departures every 2 weeks: Shanghai/Ningbo/Shenzhen
  • Transit Shanghai 30 Days, Ningbo 33, Shenzhen 36
  • Cargo in containers 20′ 40′


In addition to this recently inaugurated “Panda Service” route, MARTICO has other express routes such as the “Tiger Service” which connects Barcelona with CHITTAGONG, the second largest city in Bangladesh. You can find all the details of these routes at MARTICO Shipping.

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