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Short sea shipping Container Ship

River barge taking cargo direct from client premises

Cargo being transported from barge to larger container ship

Truck entering port

Short Sea Shipping

Short Sea Shipping is as the name suggests short distance water transport of your cargo. This is the most efficient transport mode to ship your cargo through Europe, using European coastal waters, seas and oceans. This inter-modal door-to-door concept considers the combination of various modes of transport including barges, coastal vessels and ocean going vessels to transport cargo.

Martico S.L. together with its clients has turned to Short Sea Shipping to import and export merchandise to and from the Iberian Peninsula as an alternative to truck transportation. In certain countries your cargo can be delivered directly to your customerís premises inland using sea-river coasters and barges.

Because of our expertise in all aspects of shipping and transport we, in coordination with our business partners, are able to select the inter-modal package and route depending upon the points of origin and delivery to best meet our clientís requirements and provide significant cost savings in the Logistics chain.

We are currently involved in Short Sea Shipping to and from Northern Europe to various Spanish and Portuguese Ports. Martico firmly believes that Short Sea Shipping is a real alternative to the current road services combining truck, rail, barge and sea services to provide first class service to both Importers and Exporters.

The Short Sea Shipping mode of transport will continue to become more popular as trucking and road transport conditions become more restrictive, costly and problematic.

The general characteristics of our service include:

  • Immediate removal of the merchandise from the production point as soon as the product is ready for shipment.
  • Shipment on the first available vessel leaving from the port to the optimum sea terminal.
  • Reliable transit times.
  • Possibility to adapt the delivery to the receiver's warehouse to meet their needs without additional cost.
  • Stable transport tariffs throughout the whole year.
  • Availability of equipment throughout the whole year.
  • Possibility to transport up to 25.5 tons in each unit.

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