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Big pipe loaded on the Jumbo Fairload   Large pipe on board

Crane loading on board   Crane being transported over seas

Containers being loaded onto transportation trucks   Unloading cargo at docks

Patrol boats for the Ecuatorian Government   Patrol boats for the Ecuatorian Government

Locomotives for the Scottish railway   Unloading cargo at docks
Jumbo Shipping

Martico has been the General Agent for Jumbo Shipping since 1973.

Jumbo Shipping is the company for heavy lift transportation of large unit weight and size cargo - worldwide. Jumbo operates a fleet of 12 vessels.

Jumbo operates a state of the art fleet of dedicated, custom-made vessels manned by professional, well trained crews.

All Jumbo ships are built specifically for heavy lift transport, with box shaped holds, flush main decks and adjustable/removable tweendecks allowing the fleet to constantly adapt to fit the clients' needs and cargo requirements.

The average vessel age is less than 10 years and the lifting capacity of the newest vessels reaches a maximum of 1.800 tons. Jumbo provides total transport solutions from factory to foundation. In-house engineering and management ensure safe and timely project execution.

For more information regarding Jumbo Shipping please see their web page WWW.JUMBOSHIPPING.NL

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